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Boston Celtics: Updates prior to Game 3 in Milwaukee

The Boston Celtics had a three day break between games two and three of the Eastern Conference Semifinal with the Milwaukee Bucks. Although the extended break was hard on the fans, the Celtics benefited from the extra time off in more ways than not.

Boston Celtics updates prior to Game Three in Milwaukee

Marcus Smart, who missed game two, was able to recover and deal with his quad injury. He’s not 100 percent and isn’t even listed as available yet prior to today’s 3:30PM start this afternoon. However all signs are leaning towards him being able to play. 

It’s worth mentioning that Jaylen Brown appeared to be dealing with a minor hamstring issue near the end of game one, but is a lingering problem.

Jayson Tatum also had a wrapped hand at the end of game two. However he laughed at it during his postgame press conference and said it was nothing more than just precautionary reasons from his trainer, Nick.

Grant Williams was a BRICK WALL against Giannis Antetokounmpo in game two. There’s no way Grant wasn’t sore the next day (we could only imagine).

Not to mention Robert Williams is still gathering himself after returning from knee surgery only a couple of weeks ago now.

First year head coach Ime Udoka said this break is beneficial for his team in a lot of ways.

“It’s beneficial in a lot of ways. Obviously, this time of year, guys are banged up a little bit here and there and that benefits us as far as that and it gives us preparation time to make adjustments, look at the games, and see what we want to do better in areas to improve in.”

“After this, it goes to every other day, so I think you have to take advantage of these last breaks you have before it gets to every other day. We’ve done that, had our preparation time with the week off before Brooklyn and after Brooklyn. I think it’s benefited us going into the playoffs; these breaks have been great.”

In all, this break has been great for the Boston Celtics. In a few hours we’ll have an injury update and the status of the players.

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Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer, Getty Images


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