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Boston Celtics: Derrick White showed up big in Game 3

The Boston Celtics lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in a dramatic Game 3 103-101 loss at Milwaukee’s Fiserv Forum. Despite trailing most of the game and not having the best outing from a few players, this was still a winnable game for Boston in multiple ways.

After not being able to make a basket as a starter in place of Marcus Smart in Game 2, Derrick White was one of the few players who showed up for the Celtics in Game 3.

Derrick White showed up for the Boston Celtics in Game 3, despite losing within final seconds

White scored 14 points and grabbed two rebounds in 21 minutes off the bench. He went 3-6 from the floor and was one of only two players to connect on multiple 3-pointers for the Celtics. White was also second on the team with eight free throw attempts and was on the floor for Boston’s fourth quarter comeback.

As we learned in Game 2, White impacts the game without scoring points. He’s able to keep the ball moving around the court, which needs to happen to be successful against Milwaukee’s defense. Once again, White finished with another team-high plus-minus with a +9 in Game 3.

White gave it his all in this game, showing his team and the Boston fans that he’s willing to do whatever it takes for the Celtics to win- even putting his body on the line late in the third quarter.

The Boston Celtics have plans for White to be in their future plans and it’s games like this that show why the Celtics value him so much.

Although White didn’t show it when he started in Game 2, he is able to come in off the bench and be the savvy veteran two-way guard that Boston found as a necessity to trade for. 

White showed up big for the Celtics, playing an important role in what led to Boston’s fourth quarter comeback. It’s unfortunate they couldn’t pull out the win with it being in their grasp in Game 3.

Coach Udoka should consider using White more in a way that allows him to play off-ball and in a way that he can get on the court more often than not with some of the core players. He’s great at making sure the ball is moving around the court and knows how to drive/cut into the paint. 

I think I speak for everyone when I saw that we NEED White to continue to play at this level in the playoffs; especially with using a limited three-man bench.

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Photo Credit: Jim Davis, Boston Globe


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