Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Playoff Al made NBA history, despite Celtics loss

Al Horford has made the playoffs in 13 of his 15 years in the NBA and he’s still playing like he’s the best player on the court for the Boston Celtics. That aspect of Horford’s game hasn’t been diminished yet and Game 3 proved it.

Horford single handedly propelled the Celtics to a position where winning the game became a real option in the fourth quarter. In doing so, Horford set a career night for himself and made NBA history as well.

Playoff Al finished with 22 points, 16 rebounds, and five assists, becoming only the sixth player in NBA history to record at least 20 points, 15 rebounds, and five assists in a playoff game at age 35 or older.

The Celtics needed everything from Horford, who carried the team down the stretch and almost had the game-winning buzzer-beating tip-in that would have given Boston the win. 

Horford’s been nothing less than amazing throughout the entire playoffs and he’s showing that he’s once again invaluable to the Boston Celtics.


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Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer, Getty Images


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