Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Ime Udoka said his team did exactly what he was fearing the most in Game 3 ECF loss

The Boston Celtics lost Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Finals 109-103 on Saturday night at the TD Garden. However, it wasn’t all in part to Miami’s great game. But rather more the carelessness and lack of effort from the Celtics.

From the start of the game, you could tell the Celtics were off. In doing so, the C’s had just as many turnovers as they did made shots in the first quarter (5).

Celtics head coach Ime Udoka talked to his team about not being too complacent and not being caught off guard after embarrassing the Heat in Game 2 on their own court. Letting his team know that the series is far from over.

However, Udoka’s fear became reality early on in the first quarter.

“Being embarrassed at home, and that’s what we spoke about, not being caught off guard or complacent or content with getting a win at their place, and understanding how they’re going to guard guys, be physical, and we didn’t match that from the start.”

The Celtics gave up 23 turnovers that the Heat turned into 33 points. The frustration of a few players eventually got the best of them, which led to old and bad habits that have lingered all season.

“It looked like we were kind of wilting to their pressure and started complaining to the refs and took us out of the game from the start. But disappointing to come out that flat in a Conference Final game.”

The Boston Celtics will get another opportunity to even the series at home in Game 4 on Monday night at 8:30PM.

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