Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum is thankful for First Team honors, but believes criteria should be changed

Jayson Tatum should’ve made an All-NBA team last season. But since he wasn’t voted as such, it cost him a hefty stack of millions of dollars that would’ve and could’ve been added to his current contract.

It’s hard to make a case that there’s 15 other players who are better than him. However, the voting process is all discombobulated and I’m not getting into that today, despite Tatum doing so.

“There just should be some rules in place. I don’t know exactly, but maybe you should have to play a certain amount of games, or maybe you’re a playoff team or not. I think it should just be like the 15 best players.”

It’s fair to say all of us Boston fans see Tatum every game and we know the skills he has and the progressions he’s made to be a complete player. Now with the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, he’s getting noticed now on a national level.

It’s great that Tatum is finally getting the proper recognition he’s always thought he deserves- and with proper recognition comes respect.

“It was more just I felt kind of disrespected, and I talked about this quite a bit, just on the criteria and how it’s voted is just so wide open … there’s not really set rules on who should qualify.”

“I think that was the frustrating part. But it happened. Did I think I was one of the best 15 players last year? One thousand percent. But that’s behind me now, and I made it this year and now we’re trying to win a championship.”

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Photo Credit: Wendell Cruz. USA Today Sports


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