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Ime Udoka needs to give Grant Williams a reality check

In a crucial Game 6, the Boston Celtics needed just one more person to play just a little bit better down the stretch but unfortunately no one could step up and do so.

One of those players is Grant Williams, who’s played great for a majority of the playoffs to this point. On top of his poor play, however, he has a poor attitude and behavior to go along with it.

Ime Udoka needs to give Grant Williams a much needed reality check

He logged only two points and five fouls in 17 minutes off the bench in what was set up to be a close out game for the Celtics.

There was an ugly moment in the middle of the fourth quarter that showed Grants true colors. So ugly that he should’ve been issued a technical for his actions.

After he was called for a foul, Grant sized up and puffed his chest to the official while looking down to him with a glaring look.

The thing with Williams is that he’s the Vice President of the NBAPA and feels that should come with a certain level of respect from the referees, despite being a young player.

His antics and piss-poor behavior, constant complaining to the officials about any and all calls whether it involves him or not, has cost the Celtics points on the other end of the floor and that cannot happen.

Williams needs a reality check and I hope Ime Udoka gives it to him before Game 7. It’ll either light a fire under his ass to be better or bring him back down to life.

Whatever it is, it’ll benefit the Celtics having Grant not act like a fool.

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Photo Credit: Matt Kelley, AP


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