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Boston Celtics: Is Aaron Nesmith’s time in Boston running out?

The Boston Celtics drafted Aaron Nesmith 14th overall in 2020, however, he hasn’t really lived up to the hype of being a first round pick or the title he put on himself prior to being drafted.

Coming out of Vanderbilt, Nesmith proclaimed to be the best shooter in the draft. In his media session after being drafted by the Celtics, he said this about himself.

“Absolute sniper. A guy who’s going to make life easier for the creators of the offense like Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown. A guy that’s always going to be there and work hard and earn his stripes and do it on both sides of the floor.”

Unfortunately Nesmith hasn’t shown to be a sniper or make things easier on offense for the Celtics- his 31.8 percent from behind the arc in two years proves that.

During a season-ending press conference, Nesmith still has the same confidence as he did coming out of the draft when he called himself a “sniper”.

The Celtics are going to have to clean up their roster over the summer. It’s fair to say players 10-15 to bottom out the 15-man roster are all likely not to be with the Celtics next season.

It’s still too early to tell if Nesmith is part of that group or not. With the NBA Draft being this upcoming week, it’ll be interesting to see what Boston does with their assets.

In my opinion, don’t be surprised if Nesmith is part of a trade package of some sort to bring in a more experienced veteran better suited to help the team win now.

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Photo Credit: Adam Glanzman, Getty Images


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