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Boston Celtics: Grant Williams exceeded all expectations this season

The Boston Celtics did an exceptional job with the development of Grant Williams over the last three years. In doing so, Williams took the biggest leap of his career in 2021-22 and all expectations are that he’ll take another next season.

In just one offseason of true work, Grant became one of the better 3-point shooters in the NBA, lifting the Celtics to another level this season. He drained 106 of his 258 3-point attempts for an impressive 41.1 percent from behind the arc. 

In fact, Grant’s 41.1 percent from deep was good for second on the team among qualified players, only behind Payton Pritchard’s 41.2 percent. And it’s worth mentioning at one point, Grant was the top corner shooter in the league this season.

Grant not only improved on offense, but became a reliable and essential two-way player on both sides of the court this year. It was evident all season, however, it became more known in the playoffs when Williams was tasked to defend Giannis Antetokounmpo- which he did brilliantly.

Williams has one of the highest basketball IQ on the team and it often shows. There are times where he tries to do a little too much and gets himself caught up in unnecessary business, however you need a guy like that on your squad.

It’s fair to say the Celtics are molding him into the player they need him to be and so far it’s working great! Head coach Ime Udoka has called Grant a “mini Al Horford” on occasion, which is the ultimate compliment for a player like Grant. 

Grant solidified himself as a legitimate role player for the Celtics this year. As he takes another step forward into his fourth year in the NBA and with the Celtics, the expectations for Williams are going to be through the roof. Hopefully he can deliver. 

It’s worth mentioning that after the season Williams produced there’s speculation that this is the highest his value as a trade piece will ever be. I don’t even want to entertain this right now, but it’s being talked about in the media.

Lastly, Williams is well respected around the league and became the Vice President of the NBAPA and is the youngest member on the board. 

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Photo Credit: The Boston Globe


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