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Boston Celtics get consistent scoring with Danilo Gallinari signing

The Boston Celtics will sign veteran shooter Danilo Gallinari to the full value of the taxpayer mid-level after he clears waivers, which is likely to be worth $13 Million over two years. 

Before the start of the NBA Draft and then the free agency period that followed, Brad Stevens made it known that he was looking to add scoring to his bench with more depth along it.

Gallinari is going to be 34-years-old and entering his 15th season in the NBA. He’s a veteran that brings size (6’10”) and consistency to the Boston bench that was more so inconsistent last season.

Over the last four seasons, Gallinari has been a sniper from behind the arc:

• 2018-19: 43.3%

• 2019-20: 40.5%

• 2020-21: 40.6%

• 2021-22: 38.1%

• Career: 38.2%

The only concern with Gallinari is him being a defensive liability. In fact, he’ll arguably be the worst defender on the Celtics. According to Chris Forsberg, opponents shot 48.8 percent when defended by Gallinari last season.

The thing is, Gallinari wasn’t acquired for helping the Celtics defensively. He’s being brought in to provide bench scoring and alleviate some of the load off of fellow veteran Al Horford and the rest of the core throughout the season and in the playoffs. 

Stevens has a vision for this team and he’s making it all come to fruition.

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