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Boston Celtics: What will Grant Williams role be after offseason signings?

The Boston Celtics revamped their roster and gave head coach Ime Udoka a full arsenal to play with next season. Brad Stevens addressed the weakest link in his team: the bench. By doing so, he landed two proven veterans in Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari. 

With these two offseason additions, it leads me to wonder how it will affect Grant Williams and how he gets himself on the court as often. He logged 24.4 minutes per game last season and it’s hard to see those types of minutes being available to him this season.

It all depends on the lineup situation. If Udoka does elect to run the double-big, then that’ll leave Grant most likely playing the center position for the second unit considering the way the roster is at this moment.

The thing with Grant playing the center position is that he’s undersized. Although he’s versatile on the defensive end and can guard 1-5 well, he’ll be a mismatch nightmare on the offensive end if he’s slotted in the center position.

Going into the offseason, I thought the expectations for Grant would be sky high after the massive leap he took last year. But it’s hard to say the Gallinari signing isn’t going to affect Grant’s time on the court. Especially since Udoka hinted at Gallinari playing a stretch five role, which will also take away from Grant

Grant is coming off a career year. He averaged 7.8 points per game and finished with shooting splits of .475/ .411/ .905 and at one point was leading the NBA in 3-point percentage. However, it’s his defensive versatility that’ll get him on the court.

The best thing Grant can do is continue being an effective and consistent role player. If he can be consistent with his shot, then perhaps Udoka is looking to play him more in the forward positions rather than center.

I’m fully expecting Grant to take another leap this season by building off of the success he had last year.

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