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Matt Ryan to earn contract with the Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics brought in Matt Ryan on a two way contract last year and he’s thrived within the organization ever since. Continuing his success from the Summer League just a few weeks ago, why haven’t the Celtics signed Ryan to a contract yet?

At 6’7” Ryan is a big guy who can shoot- something the Celtics haven’t had on their bench in a handful of years. He’s a confident shooter that can get hot quickly and take over a stretch of a game. 

In 14 games with Maine last year, Ryan averaged 20.4 points on 50.7 percent shooting from the field and 44.2 percent from behind the arc. His high and quick release from anywhere on the court is both hard to defend and impressive to see. 

This summer, Ryan picked up where he left off with the Celtics. He averaged 19 points per game on 55 percent shooting from the field and 52.6 percent from behind the arc.

What hurts Ryan is his defense- a requirement you must have to play for the Celtics. Although he’s tall and has a huge wingspan, he’s a bit slow with the switching and staying with his man. 

But what we’re seeing is that it’s going to be okay to sacrifice defensive qualities if he’s producing offensively. In a similar situation, that’s the plan for Danilo Gallinari.

With both two way slots occupied and three open roster spots left, there’s a strong possibility the Celtics sign him to their 15-man roster. 

There hasn’t been any movement just yet, leading us to believe Ryan will join Boston for training camp with the hopes of earning a contract afterwards.

Ryan is already a great fit with this Celtics team. It’ll be great to see him earn a contract by the end of summer.

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