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Sam Hauser’s journey to the Celtics rotation

Sam Hauser could very well be the secret weapon for the Celtics this season, as the sharpshooter is poised for a larger role in his second NBA season.

The Celtics re-signed Hauser to a three-year deal at the beginning of the summer after his two-way contract was converted to an NBA deal in February during last season.

The extension wasn’t too surprising for most of the Boston media, however, for people who aren’t so in tune with the Celtics, it was somewhat surprising to say the least. 

Since then, Hauser has shown he can be an elite shooter and is one of the best in the league through the preseason. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of Hauser’s journey to the Boston Celtics rotation.

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Photo Credit: Brian Babineau, NBAE- Getty Images


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