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Blake Griffin feels refreshed with the Celtics

If you’re not too familiar with the Boston Celtics or their offseason, it would be hard to understand that Blake Griffin is the newest member of the team due to how well he fits in with everybody and has built some chemistry with his new team.

Griffin spent the last two seasons on an incredibly dysfunctional Brooklyn team that appears to have zero direction. Which has led Griffin to feel a sense of being refreshed, as the word of the offseason for him has been “refreshing”. 

He recently talked with NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg about how transitioning to Boston and a new team has gone for him. Griffin also speaks on the “refreshing” comments.

“I don’t mean that as a knock with anybody that I’ve played with or against. It’s just you don’t always have a team full of guys who just seem like they’re good dudes. And not that there’s bad guys — it’s just hard to describe. But I truly don’t mean that as a knock towards anybody. Really, I haven’t had bad teammates. But I guess the egos [here], they’re just very part of the group.”

I believe Griffin is saying that sometimes egos can get in the way of the team and perhaps that’s what he experienced in Brooklyn with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, but he doesn’t feel that way in Boston with Jayson Tatum or Jaylen Brown. When you put it like that, Griffin is genuinely feeling refreshed on this Celtics team.

It’s worth keeping in mind that Griffin has always been a well known player in basketball and most of these guys on the Celtics grew up watching him in college at Oklahoma and during his early years in the NBA. 

In ‘09 when Griffin won Rookie of the Year and won the Dunk Contest by jumping over a KIA, Marcus Smart was still in high school and Al Horford began his third season in the NBA. 

There’s a respect factor that most of these younger players have for Griffin and to be on a team like the Celtics where he has a mutual feeling towards his teammates, it truly is a refreshing feeling for Griffin. 

I’m looking forward to seeing Griffin play in Boston this season.

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