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Boston Celtics: Grant Williams can learn from one game suspension

Boston Celtics versatile forward Grant Williams has been suspended one game for making contact with an official on Monday night in Chicago after he was called for a blocking foul that he didn’t agree with after hitting the floor.

In an attempt to show his frustration, Grant got up and immaturely raced towards the sideline to plead his case, not realizing he bumped into a referee in the process.

It’s important to note it doesn’t matter that the bump happened to a female official, the same decision would have been made if the official was a man, it’s the way the rules are, it’s automatic, not to mention the “inappropriate language” directed towards the official. 

Hopefully this can be an important lesson to be learned for Grant, as it cost him a paycheck of $29,698. This is now a contract year and he’s created a reputation for himself that isn’t too appealing.

Grant will serve his one game suspension Friday and not play against the Cavaliers.

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Photo Credit: NBA Photo


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