Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Jayson Tatum channeling his inner Rajon Rondo with this move

The Boston Celtics are too familiar with flashy point guard moves. We’ve seen it from when Bob Cousy created it, Rajon Rondo amplified it, and now Jayson Tatum is bringing some of the old school moves back to the court in Boston.

Tatum finished with a few impressive drives to the hoop in transition en route to finishing with 34 points and it was great to see from Boston’s early MVP candidate.

The move I’m referring to was when Tatum was flying down the court in transition and swung the ball around the left side of his body with his right hand and brought it back in front of him while keeping the same momentum to the hoop.

In the moment, it looked like Tatum probably fooled Jamal Murray, but nevertheless, Tatum is continuing to bring new moves out of his forever deep bag.

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Photo Credit: Jed Jacobson, AP


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