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Boston Celtics: The Turkey Bowl surprise was a success for the Celtics and St. Mary’s

The Boston Celtics held their annual Turkey Bowl on Tuesday and it was centered around local families for women and children from the St. Mary’s Center.

A group of players and coaches clustered together at Brighton Bowl to make this Turkey Bowl surprise a true success.

Celtics guard Derrick White said the day was special and he had a blast spending time with the children.

“It is pretty special for all of us just to be here and spend some time, have fun with them, its been a lot of fun for us and I hope it makes their day a lot better.”

The other Celtics representatives at the event were Blake Griffin, Payton Pritchard, and Joe Mazzulla.

A video from the event posted on the Celtics Twitter account shows that Griffin possibly enjoyed himself more than anyone else at the event, including the children.

This was a great event put on by the Celtics for the St. Mary’s Center. The Center works with over 500 women and families throughout the Boston area, providing resources including housing and education.

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Photo Credit: Channel 7 News Boston


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