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Boston Celtics: Grant Williams still hasn’t learned from previous mistakes as he earns ejection

The Boston Celtics were handed their sixth loss on the season by the Golden State Warriors last night at the Chase Center, losing 123-107 on a 31-point night from Jaylen Brown.

In the final minutes of the game, however, Grant Williams let his frustrations get the best of him as he earned a technical foul and automatic ejection from the game for punching the ball into the stands after Joe Mazzulla called a timeout.

In 26 games this season, Grant has received five technical fouls, which is good for the seventh most in the NBA. His attitude is ridiculous, not to mention he’s not learning from previous mistakes he’s made in the past. 

It’s the same song and dance for Williams, as he often says the same thing when he earns technical fouls. This is what he said to MassLive after the game.

“I have to be better in a sense of being more mature and understanding that your emotion is as good as what you base yourself growing as a player. It’s just a matter of channeling that and using it in a better direction, and using that a little bit as directing that towards your teammates and making sure everybody’s engaged and motivated. Direct them towards yourself if you’re not having a great game yourself.”

I believe a lot of his attitude and consistent arguing with the referees is due to his status as one of the vice presidents of the NBAPA. As if his seat in that chair gives him added leverage when it comes to the officials during a game. 

Grant needs a reality check. As good as he’s been on the court, having issues like this is putting a target on his back, which won’t help him at the end of the season when he searches for a new contract in the offseason.

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Photo Credit: Fernando Medina, NBAE Getty Images


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