Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Jaylen Brown gives honest response after C’s lose to Thunder in a blowout

The Boston Celtics are a team at the very top of the NBA, especially when compared to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a team primarily at the bottom of the league. However, that didn’t stop OKC from delivering the Celtics a 33-point blowout loss, 117-150.

Boston, once again, shot well below their team averages, finishing 45.5 percent from the field and 30 percent from deep, after shooting just 27.3 percent from long-range in their previous game in Denver.

After the blowout loss to OKC, Jaylen Brown didn’t hold back during his postgame press conference, saying they “pick and choose” when they want to play.

The frustration is very evident, as you can see in Brown’s eyes. Sometimes the truth can hurt, but Brown gave his team a reality check in this press conference.

Hopefully the Celtics can start to get back on track, as they’re still searching for their first win of 2023. It won’t get any easier for Boston, as their next game is against Luka Doncic and the Dallas Mavericks.

Perhaps this will be a game that the Celtics choose to play, as Brown mentioned earlier.

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