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Boston Celtics: Malcolm Brogdon talks next man up mentality

The Boston Celtics are often without multiple starters in their lineup, as they’re dealing with a bit of an injury slump right now, but also trying to manage minutes and enforce rest days to the core group.

Last game in Charlotte saw Derrick White take an injury to his neck, forcing him not to return to the game with a neck strain. Already down two starters, it was time for Malcolm Brogdon to step in and do what he does best.

Brogdon scored 30-points in 31 minutes off the bench, the second most on the team behind Jayson Tatum. He shot 11-for-17 from the field and made four 3-pointers on the night, also adding three rebounds and three assists.

Brogdon was calm, cool, and collective with his shots last night, here’s what he said about his performance after the game.

Brogdon explains the next man up mentality is something Boston has dealt with multiple times this season and will continue to do so while essential players are out with injuries (Derrick White and Jaylen Brown).

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