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Celtics Notebook: Tatum sets up Horns play in overtime

With just over two minutes on the clock in overtime on Saturday night, Jayson Tatum recognized and called for the Horns set, leading to an easy bucket to extend the Celtics lead to five. Here’s how it all happened.

Tatum read the defense while Malcolm Brogdon brought the ball up the court, and called for him to go to the top of the key. At this point, Tatum and Brown are at the elbows, and depending on the situation, one of them will become the roll man, which was Tatum on this play. 

It worked well for a number of reasons but more so because it’s an effective type of pick-and-roll that doesn’t necessarily need a big man in order to be successful.

Here’s a video of the play below:

This can be an effective play throughout a game if done properly. The fact that Tatum recognized the situation and called for the play himself is a true progression and a sign of growth in his game. 

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Photo Credit: Bred Hampton, Boston Celtics


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