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Boston Celtics: Sam Hauser’s role is there for him to take

The Boston Celtics are dealing with depth issues at the wing position and a lot of it is caused by Sam Hauser being in a shooting slump since the middle of November.

Hauser started the season shooting 55.6 percent from behind the arc, which ranked at the top of the NBA. However, he’s only shot 28.9 percent from deep since the end of November, which ranks at the bottom of the league. 

Considering they signed Hauser as an undrafted free agent, this is a player the Celtics haven’t invested any assets into. That said, he’s turned into a player they’d like to consider making part of their future. 

It’s fair to say Hauser has improved in other areas of his game during this shooting slump.

Here’s what Jayson Tatum said about him:

“He’s so much more than just a shooter, so I really enjoy when he just makes those basketball plays. I don’t want to box him in as just a catch-and-shoot guy. Sam’s a really, really talented basketball player.”

Boston may have found their next shooter for the future in a potential diamond in the rough scenario for Hauser.

He has to break this funk he’s in, though.

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