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Boston Celtics: Al Horford praises Joe Mazzulla on All-Star nod and more

Al Horford is the adult in the room at all times for the Boston Celtics. In many ways, it’s due to being the oldest player on the team. But it’s also to set an example for the younger players on the team on how to be a professional.

And Al is the absolute model of a professional.

At shootaround this morning, Al was asked by Abby Chin what it means for coach Joe Mazzulla and his staff to be coaching the All-Star game, despite Mazzulla being unamused by it.

With a genuine smile, Al responded.

“It doesn’t matter to him, but it’s a big deal, for us. It’s pretty special. It’s impressive how he’s been able to take the helm and lead us.”

Horford’s been to five All-Star games himself, so he understands how important and special these opportunities are. It’s great to see.

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Photo Credit: John Tlumacki, Getty Images


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