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Boston Celtics: Bazooka Joe no more, quits gum-chewing

There was a time when Boston Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla would walk up and down his sidelines evaluating his team during a game while chomping on some gum. So much so, he’d leave a pack on the corner of the scorers table to quickly replenish himself with a new piece.

Mazzulla’s gum caught on the broadcast during a game this season.

We’ve all heard Jayson Tatum jokingly comment on how he noticed Mazzulla wasn’t chewing gum after a Dec. 27 win against the Houston Rockets.

During an interview at All-Star weekend with SiriusXM Radio’s Justin Termine, Mazzulla explains that he’s “eliminated” gum-chewing from his routine all together.

Mazzulla is changing up his breathing patterns to work on his focus and awareness during games, as he believes his gum-chewing was getting in the way of that.

Mazzulla was an aggressive chewer, always chomping on the gum. It’s fair to say that his breathing was impacted by the way he chewed and he decided to cut the “crutch” as he called it.

Nevertheless, Mazzulla has gone on to lead the Celtics to the best record in the NBA, earned a promotion, and contract extension. He’s doing great.

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