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NBA: Former Boston Celtics player joining ownership group of Rhode Island FC

Former Boston Celtics big man Daniel Theis is with the Indiana Pacers this season, but has been jumping into some endeavors off the court and onto the pitch. Theis announced on Friday that he is part of the ownership group for the upcoming soccer team out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, Rhode Island FC.

Theis is a known Wolfsburg fan, as he’s from Germany and is connected to the club. His love for soccer will be driving him into Rhode Island more often than not. It’ll be great to have him around the city, maybe he’ll end up in Boston on occasion with his former teammates.

Lastly, it’s worth a quick mention that Celtics head coach Joe Mazzulla is from Johnston, RI, which is very close to Pawtucket. I will not be surprised if we see Mazzulla, along with a few of his players that are soccer fans, at a home game in Pawtucket in 2024.

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