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Boston Celtics: Jayson Tatum explains how Blake Griffin is a perfect teammate

Boston Celtics reserve Blake Griffin has had an interesting role in Boston this season. But one thing is for certain, he still has some gas left in the tank and we’re seeing it down the stretch of the regular season.

Griffin’s spent most of the season on the bench with earning a few spot-starts throughout the season. However, he’s played 51 minutes and logged a start over the last three games as he’s often one of the first players to enter the game lately.

After Saturday’s win in Atlanta, Jayson Tatum spoke glowingly about Griffin and what he means to this team.

“I give Blake a lot of credit. A guy that was a superstar in this league, multiple All-Stars, All-NBA, he was really at the top. Whether it’s through injuries or whatever, he’s really taken on a different role and it’s been really unique to see. His attitude everyday, he might not play for two weeks and then play four or five games on the road. He takes the first bus. On off days he plays pickup with the guys who don’t play to keep their cardio up.”

“You just don’t see that from guys who were at his level. It’s been really unique to see, I appreciate that a lot and the guys do as well. Never makes it about himself and it’s contagious. His energy, his enthusiasm, his personality, we’re all very fortunate to have him as a teammate. Everyone respects him and respects what he’s accomplished, his voice carries.”

It’s been a true pleasure to see Griffin re-emerge this season in Boston. I do think he’s going to play an important role for this team down the stretch.

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Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer, Getty Images


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