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Boston Celtics: Expect anything and everything from Al Horford in Game 5

The Boston Celtics were able to even the series at two games on the road in Milwaukee courtesy of Al Horford. The series shifts back to Boston tonight for Game 5 at the TD Garden and I can’t stop thinking about what type of game we are going to get from Horford.

Expect the unexpected from Al Horford in Game 5

After having two career games in this series, I’m curious to see what Horford is going to cook up for us in Game 5. Will he be the No. 2 to Jayson Tatum again? Will we see “Angry Al” ferociously throw it down on Giannis? Both are realistic options with this game back at home. 

That’s right. You read that correctly. 

I truly believe Horford when he says that they know what needs to be done in order to be successful in this series. Not to mention with Boston regaining the momentum in the series heading back to their home court, it’s hard to believe the Celtics will lose this game.

Horford is a different animal in the playoffs. There’s no doubt about it. He said he wants to prove all of the doubters wrong and he still has a ton left in the tank.

Boston’s veteran big-man is the calm and collected teammate that can dig the team out of the hole and put the Celtics back on track- we’ve seen it all season and in previous years. Someone who can speak to that is Tatum, who recently said that “Al’s helped me a deal in the three years we’ve played together.” 

I know one thing for sure. Celtics Nation is going to explode in the TD Garden tonight cheering for Playoff Al in Game 5. 

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