Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Celtics analyst believes Marcus Smart will be available in Game 2 tonight

In a game where the Boston Celtics played an elite first half to let it all fall apart in the third quarter, the Boston Celtics missed Marcus Smart quite heavily in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals.

Smart, who was seen wearing a walking boot at the end of Game 7 against the Bucks in the previous round, was sidelined for Game 1 in the ECF due to a mid-foot sprain. 

The Defensive Player of the Year is currently listed as probable on the team’s injury report. However, Celtics analyst Brian Scalabrine says Smart should be good for Game 2.

This is what Scal said during his weekly radio interview on WEEI’s Merloni, Fauria, and Mego Show:

“I’m hearing he’ll [Marcus Smart] be back for Game 2.”

Mind you, Scal is more connected with the Boston Celtics than most people. When he says something about the team, chances are he’s right. 

The Celtics and Heat play Game 2 tonight at 8:30 in South Beach.

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