Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Payton Pritchard key factor moving forward in Finals

The Boston Celtics have kept Payton Pritchard on the sidelines for most of the Eastern Conference Finals, playing only 12 minutes in the final games gearing up towards the Finals.

However, not seeing the court much in a live gametime situation didn’t hold Pritchard back any, in fact, he was full of energy against a well-rested Golden State Warriors team.

In Game 1, Pritchard was critical in the Celtics fourth quarter success on both ends of the court. He scored eight points on 3-4 shooting and added six rebounds and two assists in his Finals debut.

What I found to be most impressive was the way Pritchard worked the perimeter when defending Steph Curry and Klay Thompson at times.

Pritchard was also fast and ready to go in transition opportunities, one that even stunned Jayson Tatum.

Pritchard is definitely an x-factor in this series for Boston. He’s all of a sudden a trick up Ime Udoka’s sleeve, a secret weapon he can pull out of his back pocket. Pritchard’s blue collar style fits well in this series.

Game 2 is tonight at 8PM.

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Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer, Getty Images


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