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Boston Celtics: Robert Williams is key for the Celtics moving forward

When healthy, the Boston Celtics have the ultimate game changer in Robert Williams and the entire league knows it. However, the only thing holding him back is his own bill of health.

The recurring knee injuries continue to linger. Not to mention his recovery from his recent surgery was rushed by the team due to being in the playoffs.

It almost seems like Williams was drafted on the injury report with the amount of times he’s been on it in his four years with Boston. Entering year five and coming off the best season of his career, it’s become almost too routine for speculation to rise about the durability and longevity of Williams.

Now that the injury talk is out of the way, let’s get into the meat and potatoes of what Williams brings to the table for the Celtics.

Rob is the most impactful player on the court at all times. His overall length paired with his versatility and athleticism makes him the most important player for a defense to worry about when he’s on the court because he can do so many things well.

One of the more under-appreciated aspects to Rob is his organization and facilitation on both ends of the court. He stretches the floor and supplements the entire team. And it’s fair to say that there’s been a large enough sample size to claim that Rob is unguardable on pick-and-rolls and getting above the basket.

The only thing Williams needs to improve on besides his overall health and strengthening his knee is developing a shot for himself 10-15 feet away from the basket. If he can shoot from the elbow confidently then he would be the entire package for a big man in today’s NBA.

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Photo Credit: Steven Ryan, Getty Images


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