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Boston Celtics: What’s the plan with Yam Madar?

The Boston Celtics drafted Israeli sensation Yam Madar with the 47th overall pick in 2020 and since then, the Celtics have elected to keep him in Israel to continue his development. However, this time around, Madar declined Boston’s Summer League offer.

Since being drafted by the Celtics, the 21 year-old Madar left the Israeli League to play for Serbia’s PK Partizan where he averaged 14 points, 3 rebounds, and 4.4 assists in 17.8 minutes per game over two seasons.

It’s worth it for the Boston Celtics to see how much Yam Madar has developed over the last two years

Madar turned down the Summer League offer from the Celtics so that he can represent his country by being on Israeli’s National Team this summer. This will also improve his chances of solidifying his role as PK Partizan’s focal point next season.

It’s worth mentioning Madar turned down a two-way contract last year. He made it clear he wanted to be in Boston full time as an NBA player but when the Celtics wanted him on the two-way, Madar decided to go back home to Israel.

The Celtics should definitely be keeping an open eye on Madar this summer. It’s hard to believe that he couldn’t provide a serviceable role to the position.

In the three Summer League games Madar did play for the Celtics in 2021, averaging 4.7 points on 46.7 percent shooting. He’s since developed into one of the best players in Israel and feels he deserves to be playing against the best the NBA has to offer, not on a two-way deal.

At this point, I think the Celtics will evaluate Madar over the summer and possibly even offer him a spot on the 15-man roster. It’s a huge stretch right now, but Stevens did say he wants to keep a developmental guy or two on the roster at the end of the bench. 

Could it be Madar? We’ll see.

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