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Tamara Moore joins Celtics summer coaching staff

The Boston Celtics brought in Tamara Moore to join their Summer League coaching staff this summer.

Moore is the head coach of the Mesabi Range College mens basketball team- she’s the first and only female head coach of a mens college team.

She’s played professionally in the WNBA and overseas since 2002 before accepting the head coaching position in 2020.

Moore arrived in Boston yesterday and had already been through her first practice with the Summer Celtics. She is thrilled and not taking any moment for granted.

Brad Stevens and the Boston Celtics have a great appreciation for the WNBA, NCAAW, and all women (athletes or not) who are invested in making it in sports.

Most recently we saw the Celtics consider former assistant coach Kara Lawson to be a head coaching candidate this past offseason prior to hiring Ime Udoka.

We’ve seen countless times Grant Williams show support for the WNBA, Connecticut Suns, and his fellow lady Tennessee Volunteers. Not to mention he orchestrated the effort to rise awareness for Brittney Griner.

In all, Tamara Moore is going to be great for the summer Celtics. I have no doubt in my mind that she will seize this opportunity and possibly create another for herself. I’m really looking forward to this.

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Photo Credit: Star Tribune


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