Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum: ‘I’m invested in being with the Celtics’

Jayson Tatum spoke to the media for the first time since his Boston Celtics lost in the NBA Finals just a few weeks ago. 

Boston’s superstar said losing the Finals has been something he thinks about everyday and it’ll be a challenge to put that series behind him.

“It takes a long time. I still think about it every day. So probably until the season starts or until we get back to the championship, I guess.”

Looking at it from a different perspective now that the season is over, Tatum took away some valuable lessons from the loss that’ll only prepare and fuel him for the future.

”Just know how hard it is to get there and how much harder it is to get over the hump. So, I know I’ve got to be better coming into next year. Obviously trying to get back.”

Getting back to the Finals is a long road ahead and getting over the hump won’t be easy. However, after the two offseason signings of Danilo Gallinari and Malcolm Brogdon, the Celtics are favorites to win the NBA Finals next season.

Here’s what Tatum said about Boston getting over the hump next season.

“It’s great, great for our team. Two veteran guys that are proven and ready to help us get to the next level. So I’m excited to have those guys.”

Tatum also shared that he and Brad Stevens have been in communication this offseason in regards to revamping their roster. He mentions that he put in some suggestions as well and that communication is transparent with the Celtics.

“He [Stevens] just kind of told me some options they were looking at, things they were keeping their eye on for free agency. I mean yeah, we talked about that a little bit. Just some guys that were free agents – kind of what we felt we needed for the team. Just small talk. Nothing crazy.”

It seems the relationship between Tatum and the Celtics is the greatest it’s ever been. 

Tatum is looking to build off of last season where he averaged 26.9 points per game and was All-NBA First Team.

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Photo Credit: Nathaniel S. Butler, NBAE Getty Images


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