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Boston Celtics: Trevion Williams can still end up in Boston this season

Brad Stevens must have a plan up his sleeves for the center position of the Boston Celtics for next season. To which was validated by allowing undrafted rookie Trevion Williams to walk away at the conclusion of Summer League and sign an Exhibit-10 contract with the Golden State Warriors.

Undrafted out of Purdue, Williams averaged 7.4 points and 6.6 rebounds in 14.2 minutes per game this summer league with Boston. What’s been so appealing about Williams is his passing abilities for a big man. 

Celtics Summer league head coach Ben Sullivan further explained:

“The first thing that stood out is his passing. Such a willing passer, vision, he can see the whole floor with his size, and touch, and feel. I was really impressed with not only his willingness to pass, but his vision and ability to see the floor.”

At the beginning of the offseason, Brad Stevens said he would like to “keep a developmental guy or two” at the end of their bench this season. I thought Williams would have been the perfect fit for that role.

Even more so after the Celtics gave both of their two-way contracts to JD Davison and Mfiondu Kabengele.

An Exhibit-10 contract in the NBA is a one-year minimum salary contract that the team can convert into a two-way deal before the start of the regular season.

That said, Golden State already filled both of their two-way contracts with Quinndary Weatherspoon and Lester Quinones.

So if Williams doesn’t show enough to earn a spot on the Warriors 15-man, there’s a chance he’ll become an available rookie free agent again.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Stevens is playing the long game in regards to Williams. Seeing how other teams value him and keeping a close eye on where he ends up.

Don’t be surprised if things don’t work out in Golden State, Williams could be back in Boston sooner than later.

There’s definitely a spot for Williams on Boston’s roster. But for now, the Celtics are more than happy with having Luke Kornet be the backup center to Rob Williams and Al Horford. 

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Photo Credit: AP Photo


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