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Boston Celtics need to fix the relationship with Jaylen Brown, not push him out the door

The rumors surrounding the Boston Celtics trading Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant has without a doubt hindered the relationship between the Celtics and a cornerstone to their franchise in Brown. Is it too late for Boston to bridge the gap between themselves and Brown?

At this point, it’s still all speculation and hasn’t been confirmed if the Celtics actually even made an offer to the Brooklyn Nets or not. However, that doesn’t matter anymore as the damage has already been done. To which, Brown subliminally made it known publicly that he feels “disrespected” by the Celtics fans and media.

If Brad Stevens acquired Durant, it would be the first move he’s made since becoming president of basketball operations that doesn’t make sense for his team. Stevens, a man with a vision, isn’t going to get rerouted by the sex appeal of an aging future Hall of Famer. 

Stevens’ vision for building for both the present and the future requires both Brown and Tatum. Adding a bonafide superstar like Durant would negatively impact everything Stevens has worked towards in an effort of retooling his already championship caliber team.

The Boston Celtics need to fix their relationship with Jaylen Brown before it’s too late

And for what? Only a couple of elite years of KD? I’m taking a hard pass on that.

The growing rumor has been that Sean Marks, GM of the Nets, is dangling Durant over a pack of lions like he’s a piece of meat, essentially stirring the pot with the entire league to see what he could get in return for Durant. 

It’s hard to believe that Stevens is one of those lions in the hunt for Durant. Adding Durant would compromise the future of the Celtics and everything Stevens has worked hard building. What Stevens needs to work on is repairing the relationship with Brown and the Celtics as an organization.

With Brown heading to free agency in 2024, it would be best for the Celtics to fix their relationship with him sooner rather than later. The Celtics need to consider playing the long game and thinking of the larger goals at hand in order to keep Brown and Tatum together. 

Brown’s heard a certain level of disrespect from the fans and media over the last seven years and now he’s feeling it from the team he wants to play for and represent. The amount of nonsense Brown has to hear is unwarranted as he’s increased his level of play in each season.

The dynamic duo of Brown and Tatum is a pairing that the Celtics need to keep together for as long as possible.That said, the decision is going to be entirely in Brown’s hands. Brown should not have to feel disrespected and it’s on the Celtics and fans to fix that.

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