Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Jayson Tatum: Most 50 point games in the NBA over the last two years

The Boston Celtics truly have something special in Jayson Tatum. At 24 years-old, Tatum is already one of the best players in the league and still has room to improve. Tatum’s not only the cornerstone of the Celtics, but he’s trending his way to being the face of the entire NBA.

En route to being the face of the NBA, Tatum is a three-time All Star and made his first All-NBA First Team in 2022. Tatum led the Celtics through the playoffs and to the NBA Finals, earning Eastern Conference Finals MVP along the way.

Tatum’s superstardom skyrocketed over the last two years. We’ve seen him take over games, pull the Celtics out of losing games, dunk and shoot on anyone in his path. We’ve also seen him score 50 and 60 point games. 

Over the last two season, Tatum has the most 50 point games in the NBA, including the playoffs:

  • Jayson Tatum- 6
  • Stephen Curry- 4
  • Kevin Durant- 3

Here are Tatum’s 50 point games over the last two years:

  • 4/9/21 vs MIN: 53 Points
  • 4/30/21 vs SAS: 60 Points
  • 5/18/21 vs WAS: 50 Points
  • 5/28/21 vs BKN: 50 Points
  • 1/23/22 vs WAS: 51 Points
  • 3/6/22 vs BKN: 54 Points

Although Tatum has six total games in his career of scoring 50 or more points, only four of them were in the regular season and that’s what Statmuse uses to record their stats. 

Even by doing so, Tatum still lands at the top of the list with the most elite company a 24 year-old in the NBA could hope for.

Tatum is poised and eager to lead the Celtics back to the Finals next season.

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