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Boston Celtics send Juhann Begarin back to Paris for 2022-23 season

The Boston Celtics have elected to send Juhann Begarin back to Paris to continue his development and growth as a player, despite being pleased with his progressions to this point.

Begarin was selected 45th overall by Boston in the 2021 NBA Draft out of Paris. After the decision was made to send him back to Paris, Begarin averaged 11.1 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 1.5 assists for Paris last season.

He finished the Summer League averaging 18.2 points per game, ranked 12th in scoring during the 2022 Las Vegas Summer League. 

Begarin came back to Boston after a year abroad with a more filled out and defined body, looking like a true NBA forward at 6-foot-5, 185lbs. 

The truth is, Begarin is only 20 years-old and has a bit more polishing in his game to do before Boston will pull the trigger on a roster spot. I fully expect Begarin to earn a two-way contract next season for the Celtics. 

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Photo Credit: David Dow, NBAE Getty Images


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