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Boston Celtics: ‘It takes a village’

There’s an old proverb that originated in Africa that I feel can describe the Boston Celtics after losing Danilo Gallinari to a season ending injury.

The old saying is: “it takes a village.”

It’s one of the truest sayings you’ll ever hear that can be applied to almost anything. In this case, it represents how it’s going to take more than one guy for the Celtics to replace what Gallinari was going to bring to the table.

However, I feel Boston has the necessary pieces in place to replace Gallinari’s assumed production through a committee of players already on their roster. 

The player who will benefit the most from Gallinari’s unfortunate injury will be Grant Williams, especially after the huge leap he took last season. He’s eager to show the Celtics he is “THAT GUY” in what is a contract year for the fourth-year versatile forward.

Another player poised to see the court more often than not will be Payton Pritchard, who is arguably the best shooter on the roster now.

Entering year three, Pritchard has transformed into being a key role player for Boston off the bench.

Lastly, and possibly the biggest unknown on the roster after a subpar Summer League outing is Sam Hauser.

The Celtics feel enormously confident in his abilities as a shooter and is largely why he received a new contract this summer, worth $6 million over three years.

There’s obviously other fillers on the roster who will play a decent amount this season but also players who the Celtics are really high on.

Like Luke Kornet for example, who earned a two-year contract with Boston over the summer.

It’s worth mentioning that the addition of Malcolm Brogdon cannot be underestimated due to the loss of Gallinari.

Brogdon impacts both ends of the court and can realistically float between 1-4 quite flawlessly.

The Celtics are in great shape and shouldn’t panic about adding a Gallinari replacement before the start of the season.

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Photo Credit: Brian Babineau, NBAE Getty Images


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