Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

What are the Boston Celtics looking for in training camp?

The Boston Celtics are having an open competition in training camp to round out their roster.

Which was the plan all along, however, the season ending injury to Danilo Gallinari made it more of a priority than not to really solidify what the Celtics actually have on their team.

There’s more than a handful of players the Celtics are hoping to evaluate through training camp, with the hopes of narrowing down who could be a good fit for this team. 

Joining them in training camp will be: Bruno Cabocolo, Noah Vonleh, Jake Layman, Denzel Valentine, Justin Jackson, and Brodric Thomas. Not to mention Mfiondu Kabengele and JD Davison are on two-way contracts.

There’s currently three available roster spots and at least two need to be filled before the start of the season. It’ll simply come down to this: what is the biggest distinction the Celtics need to make in regards to their next roster move? 

Boston truly needs to figure out what they need. Is it to find a Gallinari replacement? Find a backup big? Or add depth to another position of need?

Last season, Ime Udoka elected to use an 8-man limited rotation for most of the year. I feel like one of Stevens goals this offseason was to equip Udoka with a fully stocked roster, one they both feel confident in deploying. 

Whatever the case is, Brad Stevens has positioned himself to have all the players he’d potentially sign to his roster with him in training camp.

It’s worth mentioning that Stevens said he’d enjoy keeping a “developmental player or two” at the end of their bench.

However, this was much before the offseason additions of Malcolm Brogdon and Gallinari, so it’ll be interesting to see how the roster actually shapes up come Oct. 18 against Philly.

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