Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown is changing the world one step at a time

Ever since the Boston Celtics drafted Jaylen Brown in 2016, he’s been extremely busy off the court with hopes of making the world a better place, one step at a time.

His main focus has been to bridge the gap between students in poor and underprivileged communities to education. In doing so, Brown was named as one of MIT’s Director’s Fellows by their Media Lab in 2019.

The program allowed Brown to select a group of 10 kids from disadvantaged communities in Boston to equip them with MIT resources. The main goal is to get low-income and disadvantaged students to understand the importance of what education can do.

”The goal is to build a scholastic bridge connecting from higher university to our low-income community, reconstructing our education system one step at a time,”

Since his MIT Fellowship, Brown dove into another endeavor in attempting to make the world a better place. He created the 7uice Foundation, a platform designed to make the world a better and easier place for all to coexist together.

This is the message Brown wrote on his 7uice Foundation website and the definition of his foundation:

“Interrupt the detrimental consequences of human apathy and work towards an equitable society and sustainable planet.”

The foundation will partner with anyone who shares the same goals. In doing so, Brown’s 7uice is going to be partnering with Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to do similar work he did with MIT.

Brown understands the importance of education and the power of knowledge. His goals are for the students in disadvantaged and poor communities to be given the same opportunities as the privileged and more inclined students.

If there’s one athlete that’s going to change the world someday, it’s going to be Jaylen Brown.

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Photo Credit: H. Zhu/ Harvard Crimson


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