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Celtics Files: Brogdon thriving in new role, Tatum appreciates the sacrifice he’s taking in Boston

The Boston Celtics have the best bench in the NBA and it’s making all the difference during this early part of the season. A big part of that is the veteran leadership Malcolm Brogdon brings to the team as he runs the second unit in Boston.

Brogdon is averaging 15 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 3.6 assists per game with .519/ .375/ .900 shooting splits off the bench this season, which is a new role for him that he’s fully embracing and he’s doing it quite well.

Friday night against the Chicago Bulls was arguably Brogdon’s best game with the C’s. He finished with 25 points on 90 percent shooting from the field and added four assists. Brogdon scored 20 points or more in two out of Boston’s last three games.

It’s fair to say it’s taken Brogdon time to adapt  to the way things are done in Boston. For example, he mentioned last week how he’s still adjusting to the defensive system. He also made comments on how he feels the team isn’t as connected on the court as they are off. 

However, it’s fair to say that Brogdon’s found his groove since saying those comments and it’s made a noticeable difference for the team overall and even heard some praise from superstar teammate Jayson Tatum.

”As the days go on, he’s just getting more and more comfortable in the system and being who we need him to be. Obviously any time you go to a new team I guess you try to find yourself and try to fit in. I think more and more each game he’s being the player that he’s always been.”

“Obviously everyone knows that he’s sacrificing coming off the bench. He could start on most teams in the NBA. Him sacrificing makes us a better team and he’s been great recently. We needed every bucket and every play that he had tonight.”

Brogdon has a solid chance of winning the Sixth Man of the Year Award if he continues playing at this level throughout the season.

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Photo Credit: Bred Hampton, Boston Celtics


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