Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown speaks on the Kyrie Irving situation as VP of NBAPA

Boston Celtics superstar Jaylen Brown expressed himself as Vice President of the NBAPA in regards to Kyrie Irving and the requirements it’ll take him to get back onto the court.

Brown is saying that the requirements Irving needs to meet are near impossible and he’s expecting the NBAPA to appeal the suspension from Brooklyn on Irving’s behalf.

In a recent interview with The Boston Globe’s Gary Washburn, Brown had a lot to say about the matter and you have to respect him for it.

“The terms in which he has to fulfill to return, I think not just speaking for me, speaking as a vice president from a lot of our players, we didn’t agree with the terms that was required for him to come back.”

Here are the Nets’ requirements needed for Irving to return to reinstated by the team:

  • Make a verbal apology and condemn the antisemitic film
  • Share the above apology on social media
  • Complete sensitivity training 
  • Meet with Jewish representatives in the Brooklyn area
  • Meet with Joseph Tsai
  • Make a $500,000 donation to anti-hate causes

The requirement I find interesting is the $500,000 donation to anti-hate causes. Irving already made a donation to the Anti-Defamation League, however they didn’t accept it due to their “good conscience” and Irving being unable to apologize.

“The terms for his return, they seem like a lot, and a lot of the players expressed discomfort with the terms.”

It might sound crazy but I actually stand with JB on this, despite my hatred for Irving. This is exactly what the players association is supposed to do and it’s hard to disagree with what Brown is doing in his VP chair.

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Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer, Getty Images


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