Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Jayson Tatum is the best player on the court, early MVP candidate

The Boston Celtics are 7-3 this season through 10 games and it’s largely due to the MVP performance from Jayson Tatum. He’s averaging 31.2 points per game on 49.8 percent shooting, nearly marking the 50-40-90 threshold to start the year.

In 10 games, Tatum has scored at least 30 points in five games, including three double-doubles and a 40 point game. He’s also getting to the free throw line 8.9 times a night, an increase in over two free throws per game from last season.

He has a great 3-point percentage despite not quite having the best start of the season from behind the arc. At a 36.3 percent clip, Tatum has made five or more 3-pointers in only two of the 10 games while attempting 9.1 per game. 

When you look further into the numbers, Tatum has been good, not great from deep. That said, he’s hitting 61.5 percent of his 2-point shots and driving to the hoop more which earns him trips to the free throw line as I mentioned earlier. 

Tatum has increased his defensive production each year since being drafted in 2017. It’s not at all crazy to suggest that he’s the best two-way player in the league and arguably the best defensive player for Boston right now.

Furthermore, he is leading the Celtics in rebounds and blocks. Tatum is proving every night to be on a different level than most of the other players on the court with him. He’s finding additional ways to impact the game on nights when he isn’t shooting great. He is evolving into a super-superstar right before our eyes.

I know it’s only 10 games but if Tatum doesn’t take his foot off the gas pedal, he’s going to put himself in the MVP conversation and propel the Celtics into a deep playoff run that could land them in the NBA Finals, once again.

Jayson TatuMVP, amirite?

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Photo Credit: Winslow Townson, USA TODAY Sports


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