Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Marcus Smart is a true point guard

The Boston Celtics have won four games in a row and it’s not hard to connect Marcus Smart as a big component of their recent success on the offensive end of the court as a point guard.

Smart has totaled 34 assists and five turnovers as the facilitator of the best offensive team in the NBA right now. In fact, Boston’s 118.5 offensive rating leads the NBA and ranks first since the NBA merger.

By Smart embracing being a true point guard, he has propelled the Celtics to newer and higher heights as an offense this season and we’ve seen it over these last three games.

If Smart continues facilitating the way he has been in this three game stretch, the Celtics will finish the season with the best offense in the NBA.

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Photo Credit: Michael Reaves, Getty Images


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