Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics move past Bucks for top spot in power rankings

The Boston Celtics are 10-3 and have won six consecutive games heading into tonight, as the Celtics take on the Oklahoma City Thunder in Boston, tonight.

Jayson Tatum is easily the front runner to win the MVP Award this season. He’s averaging 32.3 points per game on 50/39/87 shooting splits and has scored over 30 points in eight of the 13 games this season. Tatum’s also the best two-way player in the NBA. He’s elevating the Celtics to newer and higher heights in each game.

Marcus Smart is another reason his Celtics are topping off the power rankings. In his last seven games, Smart has dished 54 assists and only committed nine turnovers. He’s seeing the court completely differently this season and is playing the best stretch of basketball in his career.

Boston and Milwaukee will play each other for the first time on Christmas Day.

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Photo Credit: David Zalubowski, AP Photo


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