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Boston Celtics: Goodman says Tatum was the “key” to Mazzulla being coach of the Celtics

The Boston Celtics sit at the top of the NBA with an 18-5 record with the best offensive rating in history, an MVP front runner in Jayson Tatum, and it’s all happening with a rookie head coach with an interim tag in Joe Mazzulla.

That said, Mazzulla is in line to have the interim tag removed and be named the 19th head coach in the history of the Celtics. He was put in one of the most unforeseen circumstances and has come out on top while leading a team to success for the first time in his NBA career. It’s truly amazing. 

Jeff Goodman said on his podcast that Tatum is the key to Mazzulla and that he stepped up to the plate for Mazzulla to be the coach this season and by the way it looks, it’s been a good decision that all of the players support.

Here is what Goodman said about Tatum being the key to Mazzulla on the Bob Ryan and Jeff Goodman Podcast:

“Tatum was the key to Mazzulla. From the sources I’ve talked to, it was Tatum who basically went to bat for Mazzulla. And then when Tatum goes to bat it’s a whole lot easier for those other guys to go to bat. But when Tatum, your best player, goes to bat for you, everyone kind of falls in line and you have success.”

Mazzulla has done enough to earn a new contract, in my opinion. He has the entire team bought into his philosophies and it’s translating beautifully on the court. We’ll see what happens but the future’s looking good in Boston for Mazzulla, Tatum, and the Celtics. 

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Photo Credit: Bred Hampton, Celtics


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