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Boston Celtics: Malcolm Brogdon on pace to 50-40-90 season for second time

The Boston Celtics are currently on pace to have one of the best offenses in NBA history, boasting a 120.6 offensive rating this season. The thing about this team is that the success is not just from Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown, it’s literally from the entire squad.

One of those players is Malcolm Brogdon, who is the top 3-point shooter in the NBA this season and is on pace to earn his second 50-40-90 season of his career, an elite club he joined while playing with Milwaukee in 2019. 

Brogdon is on fire this season and he’s doing it by averaging the least amount of minutes per game in his career while being on pace for a career season this year. 

Here are Brogdon’s current shooting splits:

48.5 FG%

45.2 3P%

89.0 FT%

Brogdon needs to get his field goal percentage up in order to qualify for 50-40-90. When he joined the club in 2019, he was averaging 2.4 free throws per game, finishing the season 92.8 percent from the line.

In fact, Brogdon is actually getting to the line more this season than he did in 2019, he just had to do a better job of knocking down his shots. To put it into perspective, he’s only missed eight on attempts this season, it’s not terrible at all. 

There’s still plenty of time for Brogdon to get to the line and increase his percentage in order to get into the 50-40-90 club for the second time in his career.

Brogdon would become only the third player in the history of the NBA to have multiple 50-40-90 seasons, joining Larry Bird and Steve Nash.

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Photo Credit: The Canadian Press


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