Opening Up The Files On The Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: Rob Williams is in the Bay Area with the Celtics

The Boston Celtics are in the Bay Area for an NBA Finals rematch with the Warriors, who got the best of the Celtics back in June. However, Boston is on a revenge tour this season with the best record in the league and an MVP front runner in Jayson Tatum. That said, this game will be different than it was in the Finals.

Although the Warriors are likely not playing any of their championship core, one member of Boston’s is due to return soon and is currently practicing with the team in San Francisco ahead of their matchup against the Warriors in Rob Williams. That’s right, Rob is practicing with the team, as reported by Chris Forsberg of NBC Sports Boston.

I’m not saying Rob is going to get any run during this road trip, which features a back-to-back against the Lakers and Clippers before returning home to Boston. However, it’s only a short time away before we see Rob play in a real game, whether it’s in Boston or in Maine, he’s going to have to get on the court in order to truly evaluate himself.

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Photo Credit: Steven Ryan, Getty Images


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