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Boston Celtics: Rob Williams provided what Boston’s been missing this season

The Boston Celtics were gifted one of the most versatile and athletic big men in the NBA with Robert Williams making his season debut on Friday night against the Orlando Magic at the TD Garden.

Williams stepped on the court for the first time five minutes into the first quarter. He came in off the bench and delivered a message to his team with the way he played that told them all “I’m back”.

In 18 minutes off the bench, Rob finished with nine points on 4-of-4 shooting from the floor while also grabbing five rebounds, three assists, and one huge block that really showed his team that he’s back!

You’ll see in the video below, Rob is doing what he does best as being a free-safety and providing weak-side help when needed.

After the game, the newest member of the Celtics, Malcolm Brogdon, acknowledged that there is a positive difference in sharing the court with a player like Rob.

“Having a rim threat. I played with a great shot blocker in Myles Turner in Indiana, so to play with another one, I think those two are the best shot blockers in the league. So to play with him this year is going to be amazing. And then offensively, play with a guy who can catch lobs, catch anything around the rim and is a rim threat offensively. I haven’t really played with a guy like that.”

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