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Boston Celtics: It might be best for JB to qualify for All-NBA supermax

One half of the Boston Celtics’ dynamic duo, Jaylen Brown, has too often been the centerpiece of trade speculation and potential negotiations in which the general public will never know if it’s actually true or not.

If Brown is named to an All-NBA team this season, he’ll be eligible to cash in on a five-year, $290 million supermax with the Celtics. 

The Athletic’s Jared Weiss suggests that it’ll be a good thing for Brown to qualify for the supermax so that they don’t have to worry about him testing free agency in 2024.

“The Celtics’ best hope may actually be for him to trigger the supermax, just so they don’t have to worry about him testing free agency. Because if he doesn’t want to sign it, it’s time to make the move they have passed up for half a decade now. I’d expect he’ll sign.”

I have to agree with Weiss. If Brown does get a supermax-eligible offer from the Celtics, I’d expect him to remain in Boston for the next five years. So fans should start showing JB more love than they do.

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