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Boston Celtics: Gallinari is back on the court in his recovery process

Boston Celtics free agent acquisition Danilo Gallinari hasn’t played a game yet for Boston as he’s recovering from an ACL tear suffered over the summer playing for Italy in the FIBA World Cup Qualifier.

Gallinari has publicly said that playing for the Celtics has been a life long dream, making his recovery vital if he intends to make his dream come true by playing for the Celtics.

In doing so, Gallinari posted a video of him jogging on the court for the first time in his recovery. We’ve seen him walk and jog on a treadmill with the medical staff, however this is him doing it freely.

It’s unsure if Gallinari will play in the regular season, however, if the Celtics get deep enough in the playoffs, there’s a chance Gallinari will be available to come off the bench, that’s if he’s still in Boston after the trade deadline.

Nonetheless, it’s great to see Gallinari thrive in his recovery.

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